4th of August Battle

As every year commemorates the feast day of August 4, in which Charalá and the whole Department of Santander commemorates this historic event, for the value it had in the final result of the process of New Granada Independence, after waging the Battle Of the Bird Bridge in Charalá, considered the final battle, before the final battle on the Boyacá bridge on August 7, with which the Independence of our Motherland was fired. This bloody battle gave Charalá the title of Numancia Granadina.

From this year 2017, the Department of Santander, according to Ordinance 028 of November 30, 2016, gave the connotation of Departmental party, with its own budget to be held in all the Municipalities of Santander and made the National Pavilion Along with the flags that identify the patrician militias of Charalá, Coromoro, Chiselled, Ocamonte, Riachuelo and Encino.

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