About Us

Hotel History

Mr. Raúl Gutiérrez Balaguera with his wife Mrs. Alba Gualdrón de Gutiérrez, residing in the city of Bucaramanga, where they exercise their professional activity and with the roots and love for the land that gave birth to them and looking for options for improvement and growth for Their region; In the year 2000 in the center of the municipality of Charalá buy an old house of 500 mts. Squares to the family Gómez Larrota and in the year 2001 they buy to the same family a plot of 600 mts2 contiguous to the house.

In 2002 they restored the house maintaining its colonial physical structure where they put at the service of the tourist and the region 6 rooms for 22 people; Later in 2005 they make an extension to the hotel building in the lot 12 rooms and 3 premises that are annexed to the old part equipped with all the services that the guest expects to find for his comfort, including private parking.

In 2009 they make a small renovation enlarging the hotel with 2 more rooms reaching a total of 20 rooms. Today the hotel has 3 more rooms located outside the hotel for a total of 23 rooms with a capacity for 63 guests; In addition to this a renovation was carried out where the equipment of the kitchen was expanded and improved to offer an excellent restaurant service, a hall was created for events with a capacity for about 60 people and laundry area and garbage zone distant from the area residential.

Our project is to grow in parallel with the projects of the region, we want to be part of the History of Charalá and for this our contribution is to improve every day to contribute to the development and growth of the municipality offering the best lodging and rest room for the tourist.

Políticas de reserva

Your booking will be answered by telephone to the numbers 037-258409, 6802801, 318 663 1076, 318 827 0170 or if you prefer via mail to the mails hotelcaciquech@hotmail.com and reservas@hotelcachiquechalala.com Or through the website www.hotelcaciquechalalá.com The cancellation or modification of your booking must be made minimum with 3 days in advance.

Corporate Information

Vision The Hotel Cacique Chalalá will be recognized at the National and International level as the main alternative in lodging and rest of the region, capitalizing the great natural and historical riches to offer them to the tourist service and the improvement of the quality of life of the community. Mission The Hotel Cacique Chalala offers services of excellent quality, our desire is to provide a personalized attention in the middle of an exceptional space full of comfort and comfort for the rest of all the guests. We want to show the country and the world the historical importance and natural beauty of the region.

Sustainability Policy

HOTEL CACÍQUE CHALALÁ is committed to the implementation of actions to improve operational performance corresponding to the sustainable development of tourism; Involving the actions of its collaborators and suppliers giving meaning to the process led by the management. This is reflected in the following policies:

  • Provide excellence in service and honor the process of social and environmental responsibility.
  • Strengthen citizens' values ​​and natural and historical strengths of the region.
  • Provide adequate management of solid waste generated by the hotel's commercial activity.
  • Maintain the development of staff skills in order to generate greater competition and thus have excellent service.
  • Support the promotion of goods and services produced locally.
  • Maintain the responsibility to promote and disseminate the historical and cultural importance of Charalá in all our clients.
  • Participate actively in the prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children.