National Tiple Contest

This year the best exponents of the national tiple, will be in the national contest of Tiple Pedro Nel Martinez, to delight the audience with his mastery of these instruments.

The Contest was founded in 2001 by the musician Elber Javier Suárez Cortes, making the first edition in the auditorium Luis A calvo of the UIS, in the month of August, being the winner the socorrano Henry Mora. From 2002 he moved to Charalá, native land of the composer and interpreter and National Tiple Champion, Pedro Nel Martínez. In 2003 the meeting of Tipleritos was organized, within the framework of the competition, in order to form a seedbed and thus stimulate the future national champions. In 2012 the contest receives a new air and is performed in the main park of the municipality.

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